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Marketing Automation Services

Many businesses try to setup Mautic on their own and get stuck configuring the cron jobs. After that problem is solved, they stumble over sending emails and developing the strategy behind their marketing automation. To solve these problems, we offer managed Mautic hosting so you can focus on building your campaigns and growing your business. In addition, we have consulting services available to help you get started quickly and make the most of your marketing automation investment.

Stop wrestling with cron jobs and email settings, let Noted.US help you realize the benefits of marketing automation quickly.​

Mautic Consulting

Getting Mautic installed and configured is the first step toward marketing automation, but there's a lot more to building successful campaigns.

No matter what your level of expertise, we can guild you toward building your first - or your 100th - marketing automation campaign with Mautic.

Mautic Hosting

If cron jobs and email settings have you pulling your hair out, you owe it to your business to stop fighting with Mautic and start building campaigns.

Our server is configured specifically for hosting Mautic. We take care of setting up the cron jobs, keeping the server online, and ensuring your emails are sent.

Mautic Troubleshooting

No matter where your Mautic installation is setup, we're here to help. Cron jobs, email settings, or any other problem with Mautic - we've got you covered.

We will troubleshoot and repair any problem you're facing with Mautic. This helps you focus on building your business rather than fixing your server.

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